Sunday, October 7, 2007

corrections and having fun


I always think about how I should write down my corrections, and I often do, but this talk of corrections on the blog has inspired me to write more. Anyway, the more I think about it, the more I see how my mindset makes corrections (in general) a lose-lose situation. The corrections either make me mad because I thought I was doing the offending step/quirk/whatever correctly already, or because I was concentrating on everything else and now I have one more thing to add to the list. And even worse, a complete lack of corrections or attention makes me resent the teacher for not noticing me, since I know I can't possibly be perfect.

BUT... a teacher cannot possibly point out EVERY imperfection of mine EVERY time, nor can she or he ignore things that should be consulted, just because I am thinking about them a lot. I'm sure the teachers don't analyze the psychological effects of their corrections anyway. They just do what they can. So I'm going to start reminding myself in class that if I get corrections, great. At least I know what the teacher wants and I can work my way up to incorporating all my corrections. And if not, I have time to work independently on everything I already know I need to work on.

having fun:

I love DANCING in rehearsal. Crazy, right? Dancing, while rehearsing a ballet. It's kind of rare, though, especially at this awkward stage between student and professional. So days when we understudies get to actually jump in there are very exciting for me. Even though I might be a little more tired by the end of the day, I feel like I finally have a chance to show that I am picking up the choreography even when it looks like I'm just wasting space in the back of the room; and it's fun to be able to move. My injuries even feel better when I get nice and warmed up, and I feel motivated to try extra hard in class or wear pointe shoes for barre. I love these reminders of why I am putting such an absurd amount of time and effort into this career that appears to give little back to those who don't know better.


Anonymous said...

That is a geat idea. My friend and I are going to work on our attitudes toward corrections too! We love them and hate them.

Anonymous said...

I have been following this from the begining and am finding this very helpful. I've been working on my attitude toward corrections and such and it's helped!

Sanna and Janie said...

THANK YOU FOR COMMENTING!!! I am happy to hear that this blog is helping you! ANd I am happy you are staying with us.

That is my intention. Please spread the word! There is lots to come ... one step at a time!