Friday, October 12, 2007

Dear Janie, Become your Favorite Dancer

I am very happy that you felt the freedom to dance as you know you can by knowing you are a 'real' dancer. Now you are empowering yourself!

That is a powerful tool to use. Do it for 5 days straight. Here is how ....

Select someone that you really love as a dancer. You love her style. She moves beautifully. etc. Imagine her dancing.

As you dress for class, picture her dancing a piece of choreography that inspired you. (Your favorite ballet!)

Next 'see' your face on her 'body.' and watch her body dance with your face as she normally dances.

NEXT -- KEEP HER ENERGY and see your body and face in the energy of her movements. It is as if your body is within hers.
(This is a really cool technique). Dance a few variations ....

NEXT -- With a big deep breath, YOU step into yourself and 'her energy' and beconme the dancer. You are seeing through your eyes. (Not watching yourself). You are still moving within her energy or persona.

DO this for 5 days. It is easy to do. Only takes a few mins. and it will get stronger and stronger each day.

Of course blog in berween, but DO THIS FOR 5 DAYS. I will like to hear the results. Keep notes each day.

Become your favorite dancer --- and go to class!!!

Anyone else game?


P.S. I am very excited to hear results!!!


Anonymous said...

I can do it too! I will let you know what happens.

Anonymous said...

I am so doing it!