Sunday, October 14, 2007

Dear Janie -- You won't Believe

Let's begin on Monday. Beginning of the week. Fresh start. All 5 days right there and available to you. You will be in clas anyway, even if it is a rehearsal.

On Saturday because of all of your hard work, I am going to offer
something to all who have been following this Dance Mind conversation.
I am going to make a decision tonight about this offer.

You know this is no ordinary blog. You have a chance to learn some real
important stuff here. You want to improve your dancing. You have to
practice in class (pay attention.) and work your brain. Don't worry it

The big question is .....

Well. I just realized that I want to hear the results first from our five day
experience. Then I will explain and ask my question. You will not
believe it ... and then again maybe you will!

Core Best --

P.S. Start on Monday!

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