Saturday, January 26, 2008

DanceMind: Dear Janie, Goals Need to be Front and Center

Like a Ballet Dancer!

Keep your goals available to you. If they are written in an exciting way, then they serve as an external reminder and touch in with your own motivational drives that keep you dancing, even when it gets tough (er).

1. I want to dance with a professional company.

Get more clear... I see myself dancing as a core member of a medium sized company whose repertoire is a mixture of modern and classical ballets.  or I dance with a ballet company that tours. 

Be more specific. Narrow your vision to include what you like. How do you see yourself?  

With your experience, you can begin to realize what do you  like and how do you want to do what you like.

So when you have few moments.  Lie back and let your mind wander to a few years into the future ... what happens, are there obstacles to your vision, is it clear, is in realistic for you at your skill level.  

WHat would you have to do, or be able to do to achieve that goal.

Sanna Carapellotti, MS CCHT

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