Monday, January 21, 2008

Dear Sanna - how bold can I be?

Well that was just about the hardest week of my life, although I love what I was doing, so it was not at all the worst week of my life. We all thought back to that REALLY tough time coming back from summer vacation and agreed that was much worse, even if this past week was more dancing. And what's more is the fact that today was our day off and tomorrow we're going back just as strong. It's almost the same schedule as last week, regardless of the fact that tomorrow is MLK day or that we might need a break...

Anyway the evaluation situation (no alliteration intended)... we anxiously awaited the first week in January to hear... absolutely nothing. As we got more and more anxious, a brave soul asked about it. We were told the students should call, apprentices had their meetings last week... and us in betweenies? nothing. It seemed as though they would shortly follow the apprentice meetings, but it has been days and we still have heard nothing. Soon I will have to muster up the courage and ask.

...But I can pretty much predict the outcome anyway, based on my perceptions of the bosses and the feedback from those who have had meetings. Here's what I gather/predict:

The company is not expanding. Either somebody will leave, or nobody new will be hired. This means apprentices were told to audition, invited to return as apprentices for a second year, and mostly praised, without job offers. I know that not all apprentices will take that second year, but others may be found from the company's own audition tour, so there may or may not be spaces available for me as an apprentice, and almost definitely not in the company.

...So I will probably be told to audition as well (unless the expect me to stay in this state for another year, and if this is so then they better have an excellent reason) so I should get my stuff together. I also expect they will tell me good things, and if not I definitely need to find somewhere else to go, because it seems like they're saying good things whether it's the truth or not, so if I don't hear those things, I am clearly not wanted here.

I have made a list of questions, including what they dislike about me (it must be something, based on my parts in the school show, which are not terrible, yet not the best either) and if I have any control over changing those things. I also want to ask for advice on where I should audition, and I want to ask if they can do anything to help me get a company class somewhere.

Now I'm going to get some sleep before another demanding week, when I will hopefully get a chance to talk to my teachers! Night!


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