Friday, January 18, 2008

Dear Sanna - speaking my truth

The first few weeks back have been exhausting. It's never fun getting back in shape, and we have started both company, school, and in-between (trainee/apprentice style) rehearsals, so I have a lot on my plate. Plus I just started 2 online college classes to stay in "school mode," as my mother likes to put it.

Hence why it's been so long! Other new year's resolution... less time between posts?? I will try my best to address each post of yours, one or two at a time.

..So by excuses I definitely do mean things like the cookies example, but I also wanted to make this an all-encompassing thing. Another example for me is debating taking an extra class I know I should take, or whether or not to wear pointe shoes at barre. If it's something I know I should be doing, I'm going to just treat it like something I must do. I wouldn't debate whether to go to company class or not, so I'm not going to debate the extra class either.

I'm also working on eating when I'm hungry, not emotional, and I think I am back on the track of better eating habits. I've found that really thinking about what I am about to put in my mouth is helpful, and I often am satisfied with a healthier choice and the idea that I will have a treat later if I still want it. Most times I never even go back for that treat.

More soon! Now it's time to take vitamins, rub some arnica on my toes, ice, do some homework, and any other things I don't exactly feel like doing but I know are good for me! No excuses, right? Oh and some sleep of course :)

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Anonymous said...

How do you do all that dancing? I get worried about being able to dance so much when I am older.