Friday, January 11, 2008

DanceMind: Dear Janie - Speak Your Truth

Hello Janie, My best to you this new year.

Stop making excuses -- hmm-m... What will you do instead? If you stop making excuses, will you be silent? Will you tell big lies? ARe you making excuses to yourself? or to Others? How will you be accountable and know if you are actually following through.

New Years Resolutions require a plan ---

Let's do it.

Pick an excuse. Let's say this is your excuse, 'I ate a sleeve of cookies for dinner. I danced for four hours without a break and was too tired to fix myself a decent dinner!'

Is that the kind of excuse you are talking about?

What is the plan? If you have no plan then you stand the chance of backsliding into the cycle again. You must have an alternative, workable action.

Write down your plan, especially if you really want to break a habit.

I will have a store bought salad and some canned tuna available when I come home from dance ravenous. Carry something in your dance bag, a bar or an apple to stave off crazy ravenous hunger.

Keep it simple. Make it workable and by all means take the necesary action ... then you will feel so good!!! because you can now say to ourself, I eat healthy and take care of myself.

That is now your truth ...........

Sanna Carapellotti, MS, CCHT
Performance Specialist

PS -- Anyone here have weight concerns? I am beginning a new Yahoo group called,
Weight Loss Hypnosis NOW. Join us as we break habits, learn how to empower ourselves to lose weight and get the skinny on how to use your mind power to achieve your goals. You can read or participate by asking questions or helping others with your suggestions. It is FREE and open to anyone who wants to feel better and lose some fat. Here is the link ---

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