Saturday, November 17, 2007

Dear Janie -- TAKE ACTION!


First, Think back to when you performed quite well. You probably talked about how hard you danced and how rewarding that was for you to have come so far. The success comes from the striving for performance. All the work, building camaraderie, sweat .... You can't always control the outcome.

If you look ahead here as well, you can realize that this will apply shortly.

HOWEVER, This is a VERY IMPORTANT TIME for you, Janie.

You must care for yourself. How do you do that -- As rehearsals intensify you MUST HAVE A PLAN to balance out the hard work with activities, fun and treatments that YOU KNOW HELP YOU.

1. Get a laugh. Watch a few favorite movies. Call a funny friend. Laugh outloud.

2. Get a massage. Or massage your self. You can sweep your hands over your body. Begin at the top of your head. Cover every inch and sweep gently over your skin.

3. Make comfort foods to enjoy.

4. Use essential oils such as Lavender, Rose, Lemon in a hot bath.

5. Do you use ARNICA! (a homeopathic ointment and pellets!) GET SOME NOW!

6. SLEEP! Listen to the Stepping to Sleep, sleep program for dancers.
designed by me for dancers like you.

7. Get outside for a time period. Breath fresh air. Sit on the earth. :)

8. get a chiropratic adjustment if you do that.

9. LISTEN TO track 9 of the Audition CD (designed by me) for a really relaxing guided journey.

10. Ask a teacher how they survived rehearsals. I am sure you have heard stories.

Add to this list....
Because you can get so so so tired, make a list of what gives you relief. Post it becasue when you are so so so tired, one quick glance can give you some immediate suggestions. You will also have some things that you know are helpful to you.

Do this now Janie.

THE STEPPING TO SLEEP cd is available for tired dancers who want to sleep better and wake up refreshed! Nutcracker season can wear you out before the first performance. This program will rest assured that you get your sleep.
Read about it on this web page, or you can call me directly, 412.344.2272.

Janie, I look forward to hearing from you. I know this is a very difficult time. You are already a success with your hard work and commitment. You will find your way through this. If you want to talk through any of the above let me know.

Write about what is helping you.

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Anonymous said...

I like these ideas! I am so totally trying to do some of it! I probably need to step back and take care of my self a little too.