Monday, November 19, 2007

Dear Sanna - de-stressing

Even the mere idea of taking steps to deal with this stress is comforting. It's just nice to talk about and know that somebody else cares and is on my side. I had the whole day off from dancing today, and tomorrow I only have one class and no rehearsals. That alone is a much appreciated break.

Laughs - check. I spent the day with my good friend today and I laughed more than I have in months, I feel. It was a really nice day to waste time together and take my mind off all those things that are stressing me out, or even make light of some of it.

I am working on convincing a friend to give me a massage or I will roll out my muscles myself if I have to...

Comfort food - check. Does comfort food have to be healthy? If so maybe scratch that check mark, but I definitely enjoyed my meals today if nothing else :)

We'll see if I get around to a bath - not usually my thing, as wonderful as it sounds. I think it's a mixture of my laziness/lack of time/stronger desire to do other things. But maybe I'll force myself to try it out and maybe find out how much of a bath person I really am.

OF COURSE I use arnica. It's my savior :)

The Stepping to Sleep CD is calling to me as we speak - I cannot wait to rest my body

I think I need to add shopping to this list (which I did today)

More soon! This is the first day of my de-stressing

--Janie, real ballet dancer with an anonymous name

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