Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Dear Sanna - I dunno!

I have never had a conference like this before, so I really have no idea what to expect. I still have a while to think about it, so I guess I could ask around a little. I don't know if it would be dorky to bring in notes about questions I have or even take notes about what they tell me. I have no idea if they will lead the conference and just ask me/tell me things, or if they will expect me to control the conversation. I think I would ask them if I had a future here, since I think it is a valid question without being too pushy. Hopefully they will answer most of my questions before I need to pry, but I guess I can use this time to think about how to best phrase what I will say should I need more information than they give.

If I could do or say anything without consequences, I would probably yell at my teachers sometimes. I would say, "WHY DO YOU ALWAYS PRAISE HER AND GIVE HER PARTS EVEN THOUGH SHE DIDN'T WEAR POINTE SHOES FOR CLASS ON TUESDAY AND I ALWAYS DO!!!" or "YOU JUST MISSED ME DO THE LAST COMBINATION PERFECTLY, AND NOW YOU ARE NITPICKING MY WEAKEST QUALITY!" I might also flat out ask why I am in the position I am in. But even typing this out hypothetically makes it seem silly that I get mad that a teacher likes someone who has the sense to wear flat shoes when her feet really hurt.

Today was a loooooong day and my legs feel like balloons. Painful balloons. Not to mention my stinging toes. No position feels comfortable and tomorrow is another long day, so I'd better try to get some rest. If I have any trouble sleeping I'll listen to my Stepping to Sleep CD. The other day was the first time I actually needed help sleeping (I'm usually exhausted and fall asleep almost instantly) and it worked like a charm! I didn't even get half way through. I wonder if I will ever hear the potentially enlightening ending? I might have to skip a little just to make sure haha. Either way, the beginning's great and I highly recommend. Night!

--Janie, real ballet dancer with an anonymous name

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